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Our Services

Proper Estate Planning allows you to plan for yourself and your loved ones without giving up control of your affairs.  Your estate plan should allow for the possibility of your own disability.  It should give "what you own to whom you want, when you want, and the way you want."  Your estate plan should include fully disclosed and controlled costs for you and for those you love.

Many clients and professional advisors see estate planning as being transactional.  In reality, estate planning is a process, not a transaction.  Because everything constantly changes, your plan must be changing, too.

Our firm offers the Family Lifetime Planning Process (FLPP)™ to keep your plan current and provide you with a peace of mind. This process provides the client with continuous estate planning counsel to help ensure life changes are in alignment with estate planning changes.

Please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.  We will design and implement a plan that is tailored to suit your particular situation and needs.