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As the practice of law has changed consistently and drastically over the past ten years, attorneys have faced a number of frustrations including:
  • increased regulation
  • a hostile public
  • increasingly demanding advances in technology
  • an excessive number of work hours
  • a decrease in available business due to an increase in legal professionals
Many of these attorneys are now seeking aid in responding to these issues, and the answer lies in making fundamental changes in the legal profession. Atticus is available to work with attorneys as they take the steps to do so.
As the premier practice management education and training organization for attorneys, Atticus coaches attorneys in building sustainable, profitable law firms and supports attorneys in achieving balance in their professional and personal lives. Their ultimate goal is to help attorneys adapt to, and thrive on, the changes in the legal profession.
Vincent Bonazzoli, owner of the Family Estate Planning Law Group, is a certified Atticus Practice Advisor, where he currently coaches a number of attorneys nationally to improve their lives both professionally and personally.
For more information, visit atticusonline.com.